Saturday, July 31

Photo Shoot with my Sis!

I've been sewing up a bunch of cute little monster pins to go in my shop either tomorrow or the next day. I have four that I made to sell, and then a special one I made just for my lil sis! It's really the best of both worlds, as it merges my sense of adorableness with her punk sensibilities.

Her pin now has a permanent home on her guitar strap, so we had a bit of a rockin' photo shoot to commemorate the occasion.

Plus: She's making a Tre Cool doll. Check out the sweet facial embroidery resemblance!

Friday, July 30

Tee Gee Aye Eff

It has been a busybusy week! I finished up the classroom part of my Driver's Ed class today, so now all I have to do is an in-car session on Monday! And then practice practice practice until my test! I parallel parked for the first time today. It wasn't as bad as I was expecting, honestly.

My boy just left - he came over after dinner and we watched Grosse Pointe Blank. I really enjoyed it. And bonus: I do love John Cusack. So John Cusack as a hitman = awesome!

I've also been playing with an idea for the plushmakings... I'll post pictures later. I plan on buckling down this weekend (or at least tomorrow) and being a Crafty Lady.

But yeah. Now that I no longer have to go to class almost 4 hours a day (three hours and fifteen minutes of class, then add more time for driving there and back) I hardly know what to do with myself. Maybe I'll start playing the Sims 3 again. I'm not sure I want to go down that path again, however - playing the Sims until the wee hours in the morning. Once, I actually cried because I forgot to plug in my computer and the battery died and I lost hours (days in Sim world) of playing time.

So now, to end this erratic and mostly meaningless post, I leave you with an image of the lovely Joan Cusack, in her Sgt. Pepper jacket. It always tickles me to see the two Cusacks acting together. Particularly when they're arguing: I imagine sibling bickering.

Wednesday, July 28

Prone to Wander Giveaway

You guys should sooooo totally go check out this giveaway at Prone to Wander. It's a collection of items from her favorite etsy shops and (drumroll please) I'm one of them! Remember these two cryptic pictures I posted the other day? Well, you can win one Mr. Johnny Jackrabbit (or 9 other wonderful prizes) in this giveaway. Now, is that awesome or what?

Tuesday, July 27

Teux Deux

I'm trying out this new website called TeuxDeux. It's (as the name suggests) a place to keep your to-do lists, and so far I love it! I even set it as my internet homepage so whenever I open up the internet I can see my tasks.

I read about it on Creating Myself.

And yep, that's my to-do list for today and tomorrow. My secret for really awesome to-do lists is to put stuff on that you'd already normally be doing or are really easy. That way you get that awesome feeling of crossing off items more often!

Sunday, July 25

These are the people I'm friends with..

I post a perfectly reasonable facebook status, and what do I get? Nonsense. Nathan is a friend of mine from college, Matt is my boyfriend, and Scott and Tom are two of Matt's friends.

Sneaky Sneak Preview

This little dude is going to be showing up somewhere on the internet soon! I don't want to give anything away, but start getting excited! I'll post more about it when the time comes.

Also: I had a positively harrowing experience this morning! When I was taking a shower, the power flickered TWICE! I don't know what I would have done if it had gone out completely...

Saturday, July 24

The New Book I Haven't Started Yet and a Wishlist

Today has been so exciting! Mostly because I got the Aug/Sept issue of BUST Magazine today! As always, flipping through it fills me with a longing for just about everything on every page!

But first, I finished Fool by Christopher Moore this morning (a surprisingly delightful take on Shakespeare's King Lear; I'll possibly post about it later) and my next book is called Say Goodbye to the Cuckoo by Michael McCarthy.

I'm going to make a confession here: I picked this book off the shelves of the library almost solely because the cover is adorable. I very, very rarely read nonfiction, so we'll see how this goes. At any rate, I'm going to learn a lot about how climate change is affecting migratory birds.

So. First things first: BUST's cover girl is the ever-lovely Rashida Jones. Really, she is so fun and pretty. But what is up with the dress she's wearing on the cover? She looks a little, er, like a mummy for my taste. And readers, I'm real sorry, but I couldn't find an internet picture of her in this dress. So I won't talk too long about a dress most of you likely haven't seen. If you have seen it, though, let me know what you thought.

So here are some stuffs featured in or inspired by this issue of BUST.

Know-It-All Pencil set by The Curiosity Shoppe
Book Cover T-Shirts by Out of Print
Jellyfish Necklace by Odette New York

The Sexy Book of Sexy Sex by Kristen Schaal

A Vintage Typewriter like this one from La Brocanterie

And if all this eye candy isn't enticing enough, there are some terrific articles, like one about teaching English abroad. There's also a cool section where four fashion bloggers share their fall style picks. Needless to say, I was smitten.

Thursday, July 22

Owl Shirt! And New Plush in the ol' Etsy!

Excuse the weirdness of expression, please. I look like I'm concentrating really hard on something.

Anyway, I wore this shirt today. It's very cute!

Here's the little plushie I made the other day. It's heartbreaking putting him up for sale. I do hope he goes to a good home! He's just such a cutie!
We had a fun photo shoot today, including my sister's drum set (above), a joy of cooking cookbook, and a Korean painting.

Tuesday, July 20


This was a listing on rehash. It made me giggle. I sure hope no one's neckless! (tee hee.)

Monday, July 19

Rehash: The Most Awesomest Website Ever

So guys. I'm about to drop some knowledge. There's this website (I've probably mentioned it before in passing but now I'm going to devote a whole post to it), it's called Rehash, and you'd better sit up and take notice because this website is going to Rock. Your. World.

It basically goes like this - Everyone has a big heap o stuff in the back of their closet they just never wear. Maybe it's too cute to just schlep off to Goodwill, but it just doesn't fit you. Maybe it's a hand-me-down from your sister, or a gift from Great Aunt Myrtle, that just isn't your style. Maybe (and this sure as heck does apply to me) you just plain have too many clothes.

So you sign up for Rehash and upload pictures and descriptions of all the clothes you have to give away. And here's where it gets really fun! They have this place called the Trading Post that's basically a list of everything that everyone is getting rid of. You can keep track of items you like by "watching" them, and other users can watch the items you have up for trade. If you see that someone is watching something of yours, you can look through their items and if they have anything that appeals to you, you can trade! The best part is that it's completely free! All you have to pay is whatever it costs to ship your item out to the other person.
Of course, sometimes when you get a package it doesn't quite fit you right, or it doesn't look as good in person as you thought it would. But these times are very much outweighed by the awesome things you end up getting. Like, just today I got a cashmere cardigan in the mail that only cost me a long-sleeve t-shirt and $2 in postage. I've also gotten a couple blazers, one of my favorite pairs of sandals and two bottles of perfume, along with many other goodies!

Sunday, July 18

Linky Linky Love Love

If you enjoy my blog, please do me the infinite kindness of grabbing this button I just made and puttin' it on your blog. I'd be much obliged.

A Curious Fox

Newly Bespectacled

I went to the eye doctor yesterday, and even though my prescription hasn't changed I got a new pair of glasses anyway. My sister and I had fun trying on big old lady (and old man!) glasses, but in the end I got a nice brown pair.
So cute! Also I wore these shoes I got a couple weeks ago for only $10. I love them!

Friday, July 16

Here's What's Going to Happen

I'm going to get off my lazy bum and start photographing my days to share with you. This morning, I made some delicious and gorgeous cheesy beer bread to bring to a cookout at my boyfriend's friend's house, and you know what would have been awesome? If I had a picture of it you could see. I always mentally kick myself when I'm writing these blog entries and I don't have pictures to post, and yet throughout the day I make absolutely no effort to take pictures. Argh.

But. Something else I did today: exercise! I've decided this is going to be a regular thing for me. I'm in the middle of reading What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami and it makes me want to run really badly! So this morning I hopped on the elliptical and did one of the 20-minute aerobic program-thingys. It got a bit ugly there for a minute, but I'm really glad I stuck through and finished valiantly!

Yesterday, I was tagged in a surveything by Sonya of Fishnets & Hip Checks (awesome blog name, bee the dubs) so here goes.

1. What items do you always carry with you, either in your purse or in your pocket?

Gosh, my purse is giant so it holds so much stuff! Here's what stays in it all the time:
The phone goes in my pocket, unless I don't have pockets, in which case it goes in my purse. Then we have (from roughly top to bottom) a tiny pocahontas notebook I made out of some trading cards that I jot down quick thoughts (books to read, etc.) in, sunglasses, glasses case, pencil case (that my dear friend Alex got for me in France!), tissues, two different hand sanitizers, a Jesus Loves You pocket mirror, a coupon for a free coffee at the coffee shop at school, wallet, lotion, my McDaniel pouch with the house key attached, a hairtie, gum, and checks. I don't use all of these on a regular basis, but they all stay in my purse always.

Side note: when I'm at school, I carry around everything I need in my McDaniel pouch. ID, chapstick, smoothie punch card, stuff like that.

2. If you could live anywhere, where would you choose?

I'm not sure I'd want to move anywhere glamorous to live permanently. I would, however, happily move to the beach. Any beach, really, as long as my house is on the water and I get to play in the sand. I was also talking to my mom the other day about how fun it would be to live in the Pacific Northwest. Like, Portland or thereabouts. In a granola hippie commune.

3. Who is your favorite person in your life right now and why?

Definitely my boyfriend. I'm sure you don't want to hear sappy, lovey, gushy mush about how we're soulmates and he just gets me and he completes me. I'm not really inclined to write anything of the sort, at any rate. Suffice it to say that he's by far the person I hang out with most and my days are always nicer because he's in them. And I'm watching so many wonderful movies under his influence!

4. What is something ridiculous that you have done that most people don't know about?

Hahaha, most ridiculous things I do involve my sister in some fashion. For instance, a couple years ago we had this running joke about "the oo." It started in Home Depot or something when we decided that the "oo" in Tools was a pair of eyes watching us. So we never pronounced the oo. Food Lion became Fod Lion, etc.

Also, when I was really little (4 or 5, maybe?) I would take my grandmother's makeup mirror and hold it under my face and look down into it and pretend I was walking on the ceiling. I'd have to avoid fans and step over doorways and stuff like that.

5. What was your first pet?

A kitty cat named Fellini. He was actually already part of the family when I was born, so he was older than me.

6. Who was your best childhood friend?

I had two best friends, Eve and Sydney, and for the most part our friendships didn't really overlap. I don't really think I have any pictures of me and Sydney, but I have quite a few fun ones of me and Eve. This one was taken after we formed a business agreement to make friendship bracelets and sell them. We did make quite a few bracelets, but never sold any. I'm not sure we even ever tried to sell any. I'm on the left and she's on the right.

7. If you could have one superpower, what would you choose?

The ability to perfectly paint my nails and not mess them up afterwards. (ok, maybe this isn't my number one top superpower, but I wanted to pick something fun. And i do royally suck at painting my nails.)

8. Where is the last place you went, other than your own home?

That's easy! I went over to Matt's house around 3:30 today, then around dinnertime we went to his friend's house for grilling. And then we went back to his house and cuddled a bit while watching True Life: I'm Peer Pressured. And then I came home.

Whew, ok. All finished! Now you know some truly eclectic facts about me! And so I'm supposed to think of 8 questions of my own now and pass them on to three more people. Here goes:

1. What are the top three books you'd bring to a desert island?
2. What's your biggest guilty pleasure?
3. What was the last dream you had that you remembered?
4. What was your favorite game as a little kid?
5. How sad were you when Lost ended?
6. What's one skill you really wish you had?
7. How many roads must a man walk down before you can call him a man?
8. How do you feel about your hands? (for example: size, finger length, ability to maintain fingernails, freckles/scars/blemishes, etc.)

Aaaaand I tag Kristin, Alex and Jillie the Great!

Thursday, July 15

Things that make me giggle today, Plus the greatest giveaway this world has ever seen!

This giveaway first: Over at Lifesize Paperdoll, Maggie is giving away FIVE WHOLE DRESSES! And they're all super-adorable! So hop over to her blog and enter the giveaway posthaste!

So there's that. Awesome, right? I know. And here are some things that make me happy.

1. Helmet-chinstrap tan lines on the Tour de France riders.

2. Lauren and Mark's Tahitian Dance on So You Think You Can Dance last night.

3. Cat Versus Human: the most adorable (and true!) comics about cats.

4. I get to see Matt tomorrow! He went to a music festival on Friday, and then I went out of town, but tomorrow I'll be back home with my baby! :D

5. This picture.

Tuesday, July 13

And so this is my sister.

Remember that swap party I told you about last week? Well, my sister shares her weirdness with the world via youtube rather than in a blog like me, and she made a video about her scores from that night. Most of her videos are suitable for viewing only if you're a screaming Green Day fangirl, but some of her videos (like this one) are quite brilliant. Check her out!

Monday, July 12

Love is a Mix Tape

I just finished this book, Love is a Mix Tape by Rob Sheffield. I'm in that dangerous position, you know the one, where you've just finished a terrific book and you really want to immediately jump into another one, but you have to pick just the right book, the perfect book, because anything less than perfection will be a disappointment compared to the book you just finished. Yeah, that's where I am. My next read is Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris, which I have mixed feelings about. I love Mr. Sedaris immensely, but I've heard Holidays isn't as rip-roaring as, say, Me Talk Pretty One Day.

But. Let's get down to love and mix tapes. First off, it's a memoir. I really need to read more memoirs, I think. A fiction book with the most fabulous plot just doesn't hit as close as when it's a true story, when it really happened. And Love is a Mix Tape is a beautiful story. It's your good old-fashioned guy meets girl, girl tragically dies kinda story, with the added bonus of being chock-full of music.

Seriously, if you like music at all, indie/pop/rock/whatever, this book is great. Each chapter starts with a mix tape full of songs that were important to his life at the time. Reading it made me want to make playlists upon playlists of songs for every occasion! I'm toying with the idea of buying a copy of this book for my boyfriend and giving it to him along with an I-Lurve-You! mix tape.

And so here for you, dear readers, is a playlist. I started making it with a blogging/writing/creativity theme in mind, but all my playlists quickly turn into random songs I think are rad. So here you go. Listen to it.

Sunday, July 11

Super-Awesome Giveway of Awesomeness!

This giveaway over at Biscuit is an absolutely brilliant idea! Really, nothing is better than winning free stuff, and now you have 20 whole chances to win a prize!

And all the prizes are absolutely gorgeous!

So go forth, my friends, and win prizes! :)

Friday, July 9

Cidade de Deus

So I just finished watching this movie, City of God.

You have got to watch it. Start it right now.

It's about a slum in Rio de Janeiro and two boys that grow up there. One (Li'l Dice, who later changes his name to Li'l Ze) becomes the leader of a gang that controls almost the entire city. The other, Rocket, is an aspiring photographer.

It's one of the best movies I've ever seen. Seriously, watch it now.

I got all these clothes last night - FOR FREE!

Yeah, you read that right. everything in the following pictures was unwanted by one of my friends, but very much wanted by me. The first picture is of everything sitting in a big pile, and the rest are some highlights.

Thursday, July 8

Pictures will have to wait until tomorrow, I'm afraid, as I am positively exhausted by tonight's events. Exhausted in a good way, of course! In an I've-been-wading-through-a-pile-of-clothes-for-perfect-gems-for-three-hours kind of way.

I just hosted a naked lady party. Pretty much my favorite kind of party. You invite a bunch of friends, everyone brings a bag full of old clothes, and then you swap! It's lovely!

I found some really great pieces - a suede skirt that's PERFECT except the zipper's broken, several vintage sweaters, lovely retro pink heels.

But. You will have to wait in suspense until tomorrow, I'm afraid. I'm going to sleep now.

G'night, Internet.

Tuesday, July 6

Today's Shopping Scores

Today, my grandmother, mom, sister and I (three generations of my family!) went shopping at the Towson Town Center. Let me tell you, that mall is huge. Or at least compared to what I'm used to.

I stopped by the shoe store completely on a whim, to discover much to my delight that most of the shoes were around $10! That's how much this pair cost. They're more purple than they look in the picture.

The tank and dress both came from XXI (Forever 21 trying to be upscale?) and were $15 and $20, respectively. The best part is that the tank is covered with owls!!! I do love me some owls.

And sorry the pictures aren't great. I took them about ten minutes ago when I decided I wanted to blog about my clothes before going to bed but didn't have pictures of them.