Tuesday, November 30

Chunesy Chuesdays

These songs have been so incredibly stuck in my head lately!

Monday, November 29

30 for 30: Days 13-18

So, these should've been posted on Thanksgiving, but I accidentally left my computer charger at school over break. Oh noes! So here you go: I've officially passed the halfway point. Good thing, too, because I'm tired of putting this much thought into my outfits. I don't feel like looking fancy if all I'm going to be doing is sitting around doing research or writing papers.

Tuesday, November 23

Chunesy Chuesdays

A super-adorable video I found on youtube to go with a super-adorable song! Alphabutt by Kimya Dawson!

Monday, November 22

Warning: Crappy webcam photo of Enthusiastic (read: Crazed) Lauren Ahead. Proceed with caution.

 Okay. Now here's my More Subdued Face. Notice: It's impossible. I had to hide my excitement.
Oh, hells yes. TWO NEW LIBRARY BOOKS. That's what I'm talkin'bout. Thanksgiving break starts tomorrow, and I am going to have so much reading time! Yes indeed. 
Which one to read first? What do you think, dear readers?

Sunday, November 21

Wizard People, Dear Reader

Today, being Sunday, is full of homework for me. However, if you have any free time (unlike me) you should watch this movie. It's "an unauthorized re-envisioning of Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone." It's the first Harry Potter movie with a different audio track. It's hi-larious. And the best part? The entire thing is on YouTube, in parts! Yay!

I can't seem to embed it, so here's the link. It may not be suitable for children, due to alcoholism and foul-mouthery.

Saturday, November 20

30 for 30: Days 7-12

Let's just say that some of these outfits are *ahem* uninspired. The weather was awful and I didn't feel like putting any effort into what I was wearing. Also, after wearing the red striped shirt and the white polka-dotted shirt once each, I've decided that I hate them and I'm never wearing them again.

This last one is my favorite.
Ugh, I hate flutter sleeves.

Thursday, November 18

Why today is awesome! (And it's only 10 AM!)

1. I slept through my 8:00 class. I planned to do this. I got a glorious nine-and-a-half hours of sleep.
2. I'm actually going to do my Grammar homework today, for once. That's how motivated I am!
3. I babysat last night, so today I get to cash a shiny new check for $45!
4. I MADE AN ETSY SALE!!!!! Yayayayayay! This is my third sale ever, and this time my wonderful customer bought not one, but TWO of my stuffs!
5. I don't have a million things to do tonight, so I get to hang out with Matt a whole lot!
6. Yesterday I got a bunch of Christmas presents I ordered for my parents and sister! They rock!
7. I just listened to an awesome cover of Elton John's Your Song. Boo-yah.

How goes your day?

Monday, November 15

Picture, if you will, this moment:

Earlier today, you got an exciting package in the mail. Sweet! It's the clothes you bought used a couple weeks ago. You paid $10 for a cute shirt and an adorable dress! They're finally here!

Now it's nighttime. Before you put your pajamas on, you try on your new clothes. The shirt fits perfectly. It's adorable. You pull the dress on and it fits nice and snug. Then you start to zip up. Once the zipper passes your hips, it stops. *Yank yank... It won't budge. The stupid dress doesn't fit your ribcage!

You collapse onto your bed, weeping.


I may start a Big Cartel store like Biscuit did. I have so many clothes I never wear. Most of them aren't worth anything, but this dress is super cute! I want someone to look adorable in it!

I am mired in scholastic research!

How thrilling do these articles sound?

Contamination and Camouflage in Euphemism
Another Effing Euphemism
Looking Out for Number One: Euphemism and Face
American Euphemisms for Dying, Death and Burial

Woo, writing a paper for my Grammar class on Euphemism!

And when I feel like taking a break from euphemisms, I get to read about the history of science fiction! Huzzah! Oh, the glamorous life of a college student!

And here's the saddest part: I actually do find all of this very interesting. It's why I'm an English major, I suppose. I'll just be glad to have all this research over and done with. And at the same time, I'm kind of excited to be spending the next hour and a half reading about how euphemisms work.

What about you, dear readers? What kinds of nerdy stuff do you find really interesting?

Sunday, November 14

Ho-Lee Crow! A Massive Giveaway!

Chronicle Books, one of the coolest indie booksellers out there, is having what is quite possibly the greatest giveaway on the face of the planet. All you have to do is blog about how you'd spend your $500 store credit, and you're entered to win it! AND a lucky commenter on the winning post will also win $500 in store credit. How awesome is that?! Very awesome. Very awesome indeed.
  1. Picture Perfect Knits
  2. Reprodepot Pattern Book: Flora
  3. Reprodepot Pattern Book: Folk
  4. Craft, Inc.
  5. Craft Inc. Business Planner
  6. Little Book of Letterpress
  7. DIY Fashion
  8. Listography Journal
  9. Music Listography
  10. Listography 2011 Weekly Calendar
  11. The Indie Rock Coloring Book
  12. Color Me Fierce!
  13. TCM Classic Movie Crossword Puzzles
  14. Moleskine Daily Planner
  15. This is NPR
  16. This is My Best
  17. More Things Like This
  18. Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters
  19. The Commonsense Kitchen
  20. Fast Breads
  21. Paper + Craft
  22. The Exquisite Book
  23. Mini Goals Notepad
  24. Whip Up Mini Quilts
  25. Let's Bring Back
Total: $502

Here's where to enter!

30 for 30: Days 1-6

I've been all about boots lately. And skirts. I guess I'm trying to make skirt outfits while I still can, before it gets too incredibly freezing.

  • The first picture is taken in front of my roommate's side of the room. I'm not that messy, I swear!
  • The second picture is my half of the room. It's still pretty messy.
  • I got my blue boots from Goodwill. Heck, yes!
  • That's right, the dress in the last picture does have pockets! Be jealous.

Wednesday, November 10

The Wind Up Bird Chronicle

Read this book.

That is all.
Okay, not really. I don't have a whole lot to say about this book, other than that it's wonderful and fun and you should read it. Forewarning: it's Japanese and Postmodern, which makes it weird. (psychic prostitute, anyone?) I absolutely adore Postmodern lit, so I found it charming, but I could see how it's not for everyone. At any rate, it's a remarkably quick read for how long it is (600 pages and I finished it in a week, on top of schoolwork.) and it's a delight to the imagination! I highly recommend it.

Other exciting news: I just registered for classes for next semester! I have my first in-school teaching experience (!!!!!!) as well as British Novel, African American Lit and Astronomy. Woo!

Tuesday, November 9

Chunesy Chuesdays

My boyfriend's roommates sing this song all the time. Here's the original and a cover. They're both pretty awesome.

Monday, November 8

Soup and Zombies!

First off, before I get to any soups or zombies, I want to say this: My first 30 for 30 outfit went swimmingly! I'm already brainstorming for tomorrow!

More importantly, though, is this: I got a shirt in the mail today and I'm switching it out with the black shirt I had picked. So there.

And now: the soup!
Looks mighty tasty, don't it? I'll have you know that it did not start out this yumtastic. This tomato corn chowder recipe from Allrecipes.com looked easy and delicious! So, I decided to make it. It looked promising: potatoes, tomatoes, corn, onions and bacon. Do not be fooled by this innocuous list of ingredients! As is, this recipe is vile. Luckily, one of my roommates was going to the grocery store while I was cooking, so she picked up a can of cream of chicken soup for me. I threw that in there, along with some butter, et voila! It looked somewhat like gruel, but tasted mighty fine.

I asked Matt what he thought of it, and this is what he said:
It's a noncommital shrug. I swear he isn't under the influence of anything sinister. Just soup.

And now! The part you've all been waiting for! Da-da-da-da-da (drumroll sound effect) ZOMBIES!

Earlier tonight I watched the first two episodes of the new AMC series, The Walking Dead. It is wonderful! Unfortunately, I don't get AMC here at school, so it's difficult for me to watch it.

Lucky for y'all, the first episode is on Hulu! Go forth and watch it, dear readers!

Sunday, November 7

30 for 30 Clothes

I try to dress cute. Really, I do. What usually happens, though, is that I'm too tired/lazy to put any effort into it, so I just slap on some jeans and a t-shirt.

So, when I read on Kendi Everyday that she was doing another 30 for 30 challenge,  I decided to give it a shot. What do I have to lose, really?

Nothing, that's what.

Basically you take 30 items of clothing, including shoes, and wear only that for the next thirty days. Coats don't count (thank the lord!) and neither do accessories. I'm also not counting camis/stuff I wear purely for layering purposes. Because I'm lazy.
  Five pairs of shoes, two of which are boots.
Four pairs of pants
Two skirts
Two cardigans
Three sweaters
Three dresses
Two button down, 3/4-length sleeve shirts
Two long-sleeve shirts
Four t-shirts
And three more shirts that don't really fit into a category.

What's sad/disturbing/awesome is that all 25 non-shoe items fit into one dresser drawer. I'm going to be dressing entirely out of one drawer until December 8.

Since this isn't exactly a "fashion blog," I think I'm going to post the outfits in six sets of five. That way it's not too much of an overload. I just hope I have the willpower to stick with it!

Wish me luck, dear readers! The rest of the remixers can be found here.

Friday, November 5

Wednesday, November 3


This Halloween I dressed up as Hipster Hitler! This was my costume on Friday. On Saturday I dressed up as a cowgirl, but I can't seem to find any pictures of me in that costume. (At the risk of offending everyone on the planet, Hipster Hitler is a (kind of) hilarious webcomic.)
My one friend went as a regular hipster!
Our dear puppy friend Sketcher dressed up as a scallywag pirate! He even has a tattoo sleeve! It looks like a sock, but really it's tattoos. I swear. 
Thomas from Smoke Signals (which I haven't seen) is threatening poor Sketcher! Oh no!
Two of my friends were Hyde and Donna from That 70s Show. They're engaged, so it's infinitely more adorable.
I love Halloween! I don't generally enjoy scary movies, but on Friday we watched Scream and I liked it. I didn't find it too scary... And then we watched one of the best Halloween movies ever: Beetlejuice!

Chunesy Chuesdays (Wednesday Edition!)

Lady Gaga cover songs, anyone?

Or some sweet mashup action?

Cheers, folks! Happy Wednesday!