Tuesday, July 6

Today's Shopping Scores

Today, my grandmother, mom, sister and I (three generations of my family!) went shopping at the Towson Town Center. Let me tell you, that mall is huge. Or at least compared to what I'm used to.

I stopped by the shoe store completely on a whim, to discover much to my delight that most of the shoes were around $10! That's how much this pair cost. They're more purple than they look in the picture.

The tank and dress both came from XXI (Forever 21 trying to be upscale?) and were $15 and $20, respectively. The best part is that the tank is covered with owls!!! I do love me some owls.

And sorry the pictures aren't great. I took them about ten minutes ago when I decided I wanted to blog about my clothes before going to bed but didn't have pictures of them.


Ali said...

That owl pattern shirt is too too cute! :D Huge malls are so much fun, but so tiring. I went to the huge mall that has forever 21 in it and it's a quest just to get to F21.. haha! Anyway, cute finds! :D

Ali said...

&& oh! I'm sorry for the late reply, but I e-mailed you. :'D I had lots of shifts for work, hehe. I'm so excited that I won! :DD

rebecca said...

That tank is so cute (: