Wednesday, July 28

Prone to Wander Giveaway

You guys should sooooo totally go check out this giveaway at Prone to Wander. It's a collection of items from her favorite etsy shops and (drumroll please) I'm one of them! Remember these two cryptic pictures I posted the other day? Well, you can win one Mr. Johnny Jackrabbit (or 9 other wonderful prizes) in this giveaway. Now, is that awesome or what?


Jillie the Great said...

BIG BLACK KITTEH! I have one of those too. :3

Lauren said...

Good lord, he is such a lump in this picture.

Jillie the Great said...

Gotta love Lumps. Mine's just a lump everywhere.

Sonya Zombiee said...

Dear Lauren,
I just realized after re-reading your feature on my blog that we are both planning on being English teachers. :)
That's all.
P.S., The giveaway DOES look pretty sweet! ;)