Thursday, July 15

Things that make me giggle today, Plus the greatest giveaway this world has ever seen!

This giveaway first: Over at Lifesize Paperdoll, Maggie is giving away FIVE WHOLE DRESSES! And they're all super-adorable! So hop over to her blog and enter the giveaway posthaste!

So there's that. Awesome, right? I know. And here are some things that make me happy.

1. Helmet-chinstrap tan lines on the Tour de France riders.

2. Lauren and Mark's Tahitian Dance on So You Think You Can Dance last night.

3. Cat Versus Human: the most adorable (and true!) comics about cats.

4. I get to see Matt tomorrow! He went to a music festival on Friday, and then I went out of town, but tomorrow I'll be back home with my baby! :D

5. This picture.


Sonya Zombiee said...

I love cat versus human!

Ashley said...

thanks for visiting my blog!

my necklace is

Alex said...

Unrelated, but I love this:

libys11 said...

omg, yes!! maggie's giveaway is unreal!! i love it! :D

and.. that sytycd number was so amazing!! mark is out of this world! hahaha!

Animated Confessions

erin :) said...

That cat/dog pic is my favorite. xDD