Thursday, September 23

I'm a Quitter

I've decided to discontinue writing these letters to people. A lot of the daily prompts just don't interest me at all. I'll probably continue writing them when they interest me, but don't expect daily letters from me.

If you'd like to read some letters, my good friend Alex of Real Life, Maybe just started the project. She's a much better writer than I am anyway. Plus, her first letter is addressed to me!

In unrelated news, I just made a formspring account. Ask me stuff, if you like.

More unrelated news: I slept through my 8 am class this morning. Woo!


Miss Wendy said...

I'm not even a quitter, I'm a non-starter. I don't even start things because I know that I'll probably end up quitting it. The 30 day prompts always seem like a good idea, but the obligation that is has brings out the rebel in me and I immediately hate the idea of being told what to write about on a specific day. So I hella won't do it.

And yay for sleeping in through things! I did that today, woke up at 5:10 when I'm suppose to be to work at 4:50. There's not a better way to start the day :p

Lauren said...

Ack! Both of those times are far too early!

Krystal said...

don't worry about being a quitter, it's your blog! ;)

Ashley said...

I'm sure you can come up with more interesting things to blog about without those silly prompts anyway! :)

Green Pickles said...

Hey, quitting is nothing bad - I quit my job the other day! hehe.

Have a great day and come visit my blog sometime: