Monday, July 19

Rehash: The Most Awesomest Website Ever

So guys. I'm about to drop some knowledge. There's this website (I've probably mentioned it before in passing but now I'm going to devote a whole post to it), it's called Rehash, and you'd better sit up and take notice because this website is going to Rock. Your. World.

It basically goes like this - Everyone has a big heap o stuff in the back of their closet they just never wear. Maybe it's too cute to just schlep off to Goodwill, but it just doesn't fit you. Maybe it's a hand-me-down from your sister, or a gift from Great Aunt Myrtle, that just isn't your style. Maybe (and this sure as heck does apply to me) you just plain have too many clothes.

So you sign up for Rehash and upload pictures and descriptions of all the clothes you have to give away. And here's where it gets really fun! They have this place called the Trading Post that's basically a list of everything that everyone is getting rid of. You can keep track of items you like by "watching" them, and other users can watch the items you have up for trade. If you see that someone is watching something of yours, you can look through their items and if they have anything that appeals to you, you can trade! The best part is that it's completely free! All you have to pay is whatever it costs to ship your item out to the other person.
Of course, sometimes when you get a package it doesn't quite fit you right, or it doesn't look as good in person as you thought it would. But these times are very much outweighed by the awesome things you end up getting. Like, just today I got a cashmere cardigan in the mail that only cost me a long-sleeve t-shirt and $2 in postage. I've also gotten a couple blazers, one of my favorite pairs of sandals and two bottles of perfume, along with many other goodies!

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