Thursday, November 18

Why today is awesome! (And it's only 10 AM!)

1. I slept through my 8:00 class. I planned to do this. I got a glorious nine-and-a-half hours of sleep.
2. I'm actually going to do my Grammar homework today, for once. That's how motivated I am!
3. I babysat last night, so today I get to cash a shiny new check for $45!
4. I MADE AN ETSY SALE!!!!! Yayayayayay! This is my third sale ever, and this time my wonderful customer bought not one, but TWO of my stuffs!
5. I don't have a million things to do tonight, so I get to hang out with Matt a whole lot!
6. Yesterday I got a bunch of Christmas presents I ordered for my parents and sister! They rock!
7. I just listened to an awesome cover of Elton John's Your Song. Boo-yah.

How goes your day?

1 comment:

Erin said...

Yay for your etsy sales and accomplishing things. :)