Wednesday, November 3


This Halloween I dressed up as Hipster Hitler! This was my costume on Friday. On Saturday I dressed up as a cowgirl, but I can't seem to find any pictures of me in that costume. (At the risk of offending everyone on the planet, Hipster Hitler is a (kind of) hilarious webcomic.)
My one friend went as a regular hipster!
Our dear puppy friend Sketcher dressed up as a scallywag pirate! He even has a tattoo sleeve! It looks like a sock, but really it's tattoos. I swear. 
Thomas from Smoke Signals (which I haven't seen) is threatening poor Sketcher! Oh no!
Two of my friends were Hyde and Donna from That 70s Show. They're engaged, so it's infinitely more adorable.
I love Halloween! I don't generally enjoy scary movies, but on Friday we watched Scream and I liked it. I didn't find it too scary... And then we watched one of the best Halloween movies ever: Beetlejuice!

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Sonya Zombiee said...

LOVE the Hipster Hitler costume!
HH does make me giggle. Oh yesss. xD