Monday, November 22

Warning: Crappy webcam photo of Enthusiastic (read: Crazed) Lauren Ahead. Proceed with caution.

 Okay. Now here's my More Subdued Face. Notice: It's impossible. I had to hide my excitement.
Oh, hells yes. TWO NEW LIBRARY BOOKS. That's what I'm talkin'bout. Thanksgiving break starts tomorrow, and I am going to have so much reading time! Yes indeed. 
Which one to read first? What do you think, dear readers?


Collette Osuna said...

Hey there...Just found your blog are super cute! I love books too....I watched I Am Legend only about 3000 times, lol...cute blog..Im a new follower:)

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Poetry Is Life said...

they are very very very sweet books :D

Megan said...

Great photo! Reading is on my summer to do list, so many great books I need to catch up on.

Laura said...

I am Legend should come first!

Alisha said...

Blindness is such a good book! Read that one first.

One Pink Hippo said...

How was I Am Legend?!