Monday, November 15

Picture, if you will, this moment:

Earlier today, you got an exciting package in the mail. Sweet! It's the clothes you bought used a couple weeks ago. You paid $10 for a cute shirt and an adorable dress! They're finally here!

Now it's nighttime. Before you put your pajamas on, you try on your new clothes. The shirt fits perfectly. It's adorable. You pull the dress on and it fits nice and snug. Then you start to zip up. Once the zipper passes your hips, it stops. *Yank yank... It won't budge. The stupid dress doesn't fit your ribcage!

You collapse onto your bed, weeping.


I may start a Big Cartel store like Biscuit did. I have so many clothes I never wear. Most of them aren't worth anything, but this dress is super cute! I want someone to look adorable in it!


Sonya Zombiee said...

Awww, nooo!
That's so sad.
I would definitely start bawling if that happened to me. I have a great tendency to throw tantrums. lol

Miss Wendy said...

Ugh that's the worst!!

I've had a few items like that that were so cute I just couldn't let go. I would struggle with the zipper for a good hour, trying all sorts of different contortionist poses trying to make it work. In the mean time I'd get all sweaty and ruin the item of clothing for anyone else. Ugh.


Hey I just found you through the 30 for 30 and I think your blog is totally nerdtastic!! :D

Sad story about the ribcage fit :/ We've all been there!

Natasha said...

Ugh..that totally would suck! Specially because returning/exchanging items in the mail is a pain in the behind!

nikatknight said...

It is tragic when that happens, it has happened to me more than you know, but selling it not only gives you a little get back for another adorable dress but will give it purpose! I open my closet and let my freinds roam every now and then to weed out the poor clothes that just sit there.

Erin said...

I never try on clothes in the store and then I end up realizing they don't fit when I get home. :/ I feel your pain.

Alex said...

This post soundly wonderfully IOAWNAT-esque (Calvino). Also, I'm disappointed in myself for straying away so long from your fabulosity - miss your face!