Sunday, January 23

Sailing Alone Around the Room

That's the title of a book of poems by one of my favorite poets, Billy Collens. You should check it out.

I just got back to my room at school, and instead of unpacking I'm browsing the internets. I snapped a couple pictures of my room as it is right now to share with you. Once I get everything all put away you can see my room as it should be!

My desk!
The view from the doorway.

Pretty much my half of the room. Towards the bottom of the picture you can see my MANY unpacked bags!

The artses on my wallses. I painted the splatter paintings myself, the Hello Kitty poster came with some valentines, and the collage-ish thing to the right is all taken out of an art magazine I found.

This is Wolfie. He's my bestest friend. :)


Gwiddle said...

Where are you going to school?? I never got to live in the dorms but it looks like a crazy experience! Good luck unpacking :)

Annie said...

I seriously need to do some cleaning as well. Also, your dorm looks like a pretty good size - my room in my apartment in college was about the size of a medium closet haha.

Rebekka Seale said...

Awwww...I miss living in a dorm room!