Tuesday, January 25

Oscar Noms and other Ramblings

Of the ten movies nominated for best picture, I've seen:
Black Swan, Inception, The Social Network, Toy Story 3, True Grit.

I haven't seen:
The Fighter, The Kids are All Right, The King's Speech, 127 Hours, Winter's Bone.

Matt saw The Fighter and The Kids are All Right and said they were excellent. I sooooooo completely want to see The King's Speech! It looks incredible!

Luckily, a theater near us has "Oscar Days" where you pay like $30 and there's a marathon of the nominated movies. I think Matt and I are going to do it. Except, since there's ten movies this year, there are two oscar days with five movies on each day, and $60 is kind of expensive. Even if we do get to see ten movies.

In other news, I'm halfway through my second day of classes. I already have a ton of work!

I'm off to eat lunch and read some literary criticism about theories of the novel. boooooring.

Oh, and something else interesting: One of the guys in Matt's apartment moved out last semester, so they have someone new this year and he's this guy from Brussels named Loic. He's really nice! I'm excited to get to know him!

Okay. Last thing. Last night I watched this documentary called Jesus Camp that was amazing. It's about this summer camp for evangelical Christians, and it was so fascinating, and somewhat appalling how these kids are brainwashed into "soldiers in God's army." They literally speak in tongues. I didn't know people actually did that.

All right, enough rambling. I'm going to go make a sandwich and eat some coffee yogurt. And then I have more class.



Gwiddle said...

I haven't seen any of those movies yet! I am so embarrassed to admit that! I want to see nearly all of them though, I wish we had theaters that did Oscar nights here! Have a great day♥

Laurelann said...

I wish someone would do Oscar night around our place.

Another great documentary about religion is "Religulous." I'm really not sure if I spelt it correctly but I'm too lazy to Google it.

Some people do speak in tongues, some pretend to speak in tongues. If you're ever around a group of praying believers and "the Spirit comes upon them," it's an extremely powerful and mind-altering experience, even if you're not a believer yourself.


Annie said...

I was such a movie failure this year. I usually try to see all the films nominated, but so far I've only seen Toy Story 3... so I don't think it's happening this year.