Friday, January 21

I like movies that are a bit out there.

I love watching movies. This is no secret. Some of my favorite movies, though, I make my friends watch with me and they're all like Lauren. What is wrong with you?

 I freaking love this movie! Danny Trejo is a BAMF who goes around chopping peoples heads off with, you guessed it, a machete. In fact, his nickname is Machete!

Best line of the movie:
(They're all so incredibly quotable, it's hard to pick just one!)
Machete Don't Text

The Chumscrubber
I watched this one at a friend's house. She had checked it out from the library, and by the time the movie was over, everyone was sick of it but me.

By far the best part of this movie is the adults. There's the main plot with some teenagers, but what really kills me is the supreme neurosis of their parents. Ralph Fiennes thinks he's a dolphin, for example.
Best In Show
I watched this movie yesterday while I was eating lunch. It's an incredibly hilarious mockumentary about a dog show. The dog owners are all insane. Absolutely insane.

Wristcutters: A Love Story
A friend of mine recommened this movie to me by saying, "It's one of those crappy movies you like." And it's true. It's set in the afterlife at a way station for those who have committed suicide. Bonus: The music is all by Gogol Bordello!

Eagle vs Shark
This is like the New Zealand version of Napoleon Dynamite, except it's actually good. These two people are cripplingly nerdy. Jarrod (the dude) hosts a party where everyone is supposed to come dressed as their favorite animal. When Lily comes as a shark, he tells her "I almost came as a shark actually. But then I realized eagles are slightly better." The whole movie is full of little tiny things that made me giggle. Plus, I'm a huge fan of Flight of the Conchords!

American Splendor
This movie was sooooo good! It's about this guy, Harvey Pekar, who wrote a series of comic books called American Splendor. What's really great about this movie is that it plays with form a lot. The credits look like a comic book, kind of, with characters breaking out of the panels to talk to you. And Harvey Pekar is actually in the movie. He's kind of a narrator, but he interacts with you sometimes. It's just so cool!

So there you are: some of my favorite movies. They're all terrific for different reasons, and I highly recommend you watch every single one of them.



Gwen said...


I just recently saw Machete and LOVED it. I laughed a bunch of times and I thought Lindsay Lohan was a hug 'wtf' for the movie but it was good with her in it haha

i own Chumscrubber on DVD I actually bought it before I ever saw it c'os sometimes I buy movies based on covers and then watch em later (so far I haven't been disappointed) but this movie was great and you're right the adults are the best part.

I haven't seen Best In Show but I might check it out now.

I tried to get people to watch Wristcutters but no one would. How can you NOT like a movie who's entire soundtrack is Gogol Bordello?!

And Eagle vs Shark always has me crying. its The scenes with the apples..they always get to me.

Another movie you should check out (if you havent seen it already) is Thumbsucker. Its pretty good too its kind of one of those Eagle vs Shark/Chumscrubber movies. ALSO, Robert Pattinson's movie How To Be (it was hard for me to watch anything with him in it after Twilight but I watched it and I wasn't disappointed...outside of Twilight he's pretty good).

Sonya Zombiee said...

I LOVE WRISTCUTTERS! (What a morbid sentence.)
The Chumscrubber and Eagle vs. Shark are both on my Netflix list, and now I'll have to add the rest of these just so I can make sure to check them out. :D

Lauren said...

Gwen: I put both of those movies on my Netflix queue! And How To Be is on watch instantly, so I'll probs watch it soon!

And Sonya: DO IT. Best in Show is on watch instant.