Sunday, September 5

Graphic Novels I Read This Summer: And You Should Too!

Note: The links to these books are from this nifty website I found called Because why link to Amazon when you should really be patronizing your local libraries? Let me know what you think of the site, if you don't mind.

Ok, on to the post! I was at my library over the summer, and while I was browsing around for books and when I turned to my right at the end of an aisle I found the Graphic Novel section! Needless to say, I checked several out. Here's what I read!

1. Watchmen - This is definitely the most well-known of all the Graphic Novels I read over the summer. And for good reason! It was wonderful! I saw and enjoyed the movie when it came out, but I have to say that the book was better. It's a very interesting take on the comic book as a genre.

2. From Hell: Being a Melodrama in Sixteen Parts - This one and Watchmen are both by Alan Moore, and both are fantastic. It's a tale of (his interpretation of) the Jack the Ripper story. While much of it is fictionalized, the book has an extensive appendix detailing research into Jack the Ripper. From Hell and Watchmen are both very bleak stories, but are told much differently.

3. Johnny Cash: I See A Darkness - This one, like From Hell, is in black and white. This is a must-read if you're interested in Cash at all. The biographical bits about his life were really compelling, and even cooler than that, there are mini-stories that graphically render some of his songs.

4. Mother, Come Home - This one is way, way different from the other three. It's much more "artsy" and "indie" and SO INCREDIBLY SAD! It's a really short read, and the whole time I just wanted to give the entire book a hug! That being said, it's really good. It's the story of a mother's death through the eyes of her child.

So go forth and read, children! I highly recommend all four of these books.

Also - I noticed that when I was searching worldcat for the books, they didn't always show up as being in my local library. However, I did in fact check them all out from my library. So don't get discouraged if your library doesn't show up, I guess.


Grace said...

I loved the Watchmen graphic novel, and I agree that it was better than the movie.
I saw From Hell, but I hadnt read the graphic novel, I didnt know there was one.
I actually just made myself an account on because I found it quite nifty!

Alex said...

That worldcat place is quite cool! It picked up the fact that I'm using the UMD network and provided "local services" for obtaining an item.

Next graphic novel on the list: The Exile :)