Tuesday, August 31

Fall Goals

My summer goals were such a success (mostly) that I decided to make fall goals too! These are going to be somewhat school-related and in general not as involved as my summer goals, since I'll be busy with schoolwork and stuff. So... here goes!

1. Watch numbers 26-50 on imdb's top 250. Since I've already seen some of the movies, I only have 15 to see this semester. I'll probably put up a list in the sidebar or something.
2. Keep track of my meals properly. Since I'm living in an apartment with a kitchen I only have a meal plan with 90 meals, which works out to six per week. Clearly, I need to keep track of how many meals I've been using so as not to run out.
3. Achieve A's! I'm shooting for at least A minuses in all of my classes this semester. I think the only one that'll be a problem is American Literature III because although my professor is one of my favorites, she's the hardest grader.
4. Get my driver's license. This is a leftover goal from the summer. I rescheduled my test yesterday, but it's not until October 2.
5. Cook proper meals! So far I've made scrambled eggs and tuna salad. I have some recipes in a binder, though, and I'm definitely going to try and make them!

Well, I'm off to lunch. This is my third meal out of six this week. Rock on!

PS. I have a consulting appointment about my wisdom teeth with an oral surgeon. Wish me luck!

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