Sunday, August 22

Today, I...

Had my second (out of four) day of peer mentor training.

My table won a trivia competition and as a prize we split a pack of silly bands. These are my first ever silly bands, and although I feel a bit ashamed to wear them, I figure as long as I didn't buy them it's ok! Right? Anyway, I got a dolphin and a flamingo/toucan. We couldn't decide which it was.

I really haven't been doing anything that interesting the past couple of days. I have been playing loads of icebreakers! Some of them are corny but some are really fun! My favorite so far has been called Ultimate Ninja. And yep, it's as awesome as it sounds!

Other cool things: My friend Nate moved in this morning, so now four of the six people in our apartment are here! And classes don't even start for another week!

Ok, that's only one other cool thing. But I'm tired! I'm trying really hard to post when I have some free time so I don't fall into a habit of not posting.

Well, TTFN, dearest readers. I think I'm going to start watching a movie and then go to sleep.

I'd love to hear it if any of you had movie suggestions! I'm always looking for a choice flick!


Ali said...

D'awww I'm glad you're having fun tymz! <3 Silly bands, ahhhh, I've never bought any but I have a doggie bone my friend gave me. xD

Jillie the Great said...


I have two hippo Silly Bandz. :3 I love those things, especially the glow in the dark ones. I trade with the kids my mom takes care of, too, so I've gotten some pretty neat ones. I always see kids at work and want to trade. Ahah.

Ashley said...

My boyfriend bought me my first pack of silly bandz and I am addicted now. I am sure I have like 500+. My favorite is a hammer I bought for 50 cents! It's awesome!

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

i love trivia. and your comic-book style blog header is cute.

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