Sunday, January 9

What I've Been Up To

Somewhat of a photodump (only 3 pictures) of what I've been doing the past couple days.

I made a plush for my shop, which you can see in the early stages below. It's nothing special, but at least it's something! I have been Miss Crafty Lazypants lately. It's not listed yet, but I'll probably get around to it in the next couple days.
 My grandmother got me this storage bin, so of course my sister and I had a photoshoot with it. I mean, what else were we supposed to do? It was perfectly people-sized!
 And I got my first Netflix DVD earlier this week. As you can see, it was Once, which I loved. Today I got my second DVD in the mail (Deliverance) and I'm pumped to watch it later tonight.
Stay tuned for an update on my Red Statement Necklace! Hint: It does not resemble any of the ones I posted.

1 comment:

Jillie said...

1. When I got my first Netflix in the mail I was like OMGOMGOKGOMGOMG. It's not like my mom doesn't get them, but seeing it in my name just made me giggle with glee.

2. There was another point to this comment. Alas, I forgot. :\