Saturday, January 8

Sweet, Sweet Temptation

I got this book for Christmas:
It's the graphic novel version (sort of: some stuff is different) of the first book in my favorite series, Outlander. If you haven't read Outlander, you absolutely must. Right now. Time travel + Romance + Scotland = ABSOLUTE WIN. You shouldn't need any more convincing. Everyone I've ever known who's read Outlander (with the exception of my boyfriend, but he doesn't count. he's a dude.) is absolutely in LOVE with it. I cannot use caps lock enough to describe my enthusiasm for these books.

So, as you may have surmised, I am WAY SUPER EXCITED about this graphic novel. The trouble is, it's way short and I want to savor it. So I'm forcing myself to read a single chapter every couple days. It's absolutely excruciating, but such bliss. The art is beautiful! It's such a torment to force myself to put the book back on the shelf after only a few short pages, but I must be strong!

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Grace said...

Oh no! Forcing yourself to read slowly is TERRIBLE. Why do they make good books end at all?