Friday, January 7

Inspiration: Red Statement Necklaces

I need to acquire some type of red accessory to wear with my Vagina Monologues outfit (black sweaterdress and heels). I'm thinking what would really be lovely is an outrageous statement necklace. Browsing around etsy, I've seen tons I love. What I'd really like to do is make one myself, but I'm nervous about it looking dumb/weird.

My inspirations:
(Click the picture to go to the listing)
I'm in love with the first one, but it's well over $100 and there's no way I could make anything that even somewhat resembles it. I think I might be able to whip up something like the third and fourth ones, though. Or even the fifth one... not sure. What do you guys think?


Addie Marie said...

Oh, make the fourth one for sure! That's so eye-catching. For the first one, maybe you could use polymer clay? It would be heavy but achieve the same look--and it would be stunning.

Lauren said...

Hmmm... what if I made beads out of paper or something and then painted them? They'd look different but be a LOT lighter and have the same effect.

alana said...

For some reason I'm really loving the Shredded Ruffles Necklace the most.

Jillie said...

Well of course I'm all for hexagons.

Lauren said...

I thought of you when i saw it, Jillie. :P

Jillie said...


Have you made a decision yet?