Thursday, December 9


Tomorrow is my last day of classes! Then I'll be back to my blog, I swear. I've been swamped with papers, projects and presentations, but it's finally coming to an end.

Let's play a game: match the topic of my final project to the class it goes with!

Standardized Testing
Science Fiction
The Vagina Monologues
American Literature III
Professional Communication
Teaching and Learning in a Diverse Society

Actually, that's not that hard. Meh. I'll be back tomorrow. Thanks for staying with me while I've been busy! :D


Sonya Zombiee said...

I'm playing, I'm playing! Haha.
My guesses arrr (pirate);
euphemism = grammar
standardized testing = teaching & learning
science fiction = american lit 3
vag monologues (!!!) = communication

I'm actually not 100% sure about the last two. haha.

Lauren said...

Hooray! You win!