Wednesday, December 22

Instead of blogging or being otherwise productive, here's what I've been doing all day today. And yesterday.
Playing this game. I just finished it. Some of the puzzles were really hard, so I cheated a little bit and asked the internet, but all in all it was really fun! And absolutely beautiful! The visuals are stunning.

How did I get this game, you ask? Well, let me tell you. I downloaded this wonderful thing called the Humble Indie Bundle. It's a bundle of five awesome games. And the best part? You pay what you want! And you decide how much of your money goes to the developers of the games, charity, etc.

And you know what's even better? The bundle I just bought is the second bundle ever released, and today I got an email saying I could have all the games in the first bundle for FREE! I am happy as a clam, even if it does mean my productivity will plummet. Of the eleven games I recently downloaded, I've only delved into three, and they have all been gloriously awesome! And different. This one, Machinarium, is a puzzle-solving adventure-type game. Another one I've played, Osmos, is kind of hard to categorize (especially as I am a novice at video games, to put it mildly). You're a blob and you have to float around and absorb other blobs.
And the last game I've played is called Revenge of the Titans. It's a tower defense game. It's really fun, except that it costs money to upgrade turrets and stuff, and I never seem to have enough money to upgrade anything. Sad face. It's really addicting, though. They all are.
 That's all I've played so far. I'm trying to limit myself so I'll have something new to play a while from now. One of the games, Braid, I can't get to work on my computer, but thankfully Matt is technologically inclined, so hopefully he can fix it. I googled it and apparently the game is buggy on Macs. Eh.

In other news, I bought, for two dollars at a thrift store today:
That's right. A Sigmund Freud action figure. Be jealous.

All pictures in this post are from google images. Mostly because I didn't feel like getting my camera out and photographing my own Freud doll. It looks exactly the same, except there's a big $2 sticker on it.


Kim W. said...

awww yay im so glad you liked machinarium!!!!! i found the puzzles pretty hard

Amyschmamey said...

Those games look fun! Productivity can wait! :) hope your Christmas was fantastic! YAY for crock pots!

-Trashy Betty- said...

This looks super fun!