Friday, October 15

Here's my deal: I want to do everything. Everything just sounds so fun, so why would I say no? I do a lot of stuff. Too much stuff. I really like it while I'm doing it. But I gripe and moan about having to do this and that and not having time to do what I really want.

So I'm trying to do less. Today I quit my on-campus job as a tour guide because I decided the amount of work I do for them wasn't work the $20 (on average) monthly paycheck. For instance, today I had to rearrange my plans to do a 4:00 tour for the board of trustees. Only to wait around in the library for fifteen minutes before being told that the tour got moved to an earlier time so I wasn't needed. For another instance, every Tuesday I walk across campus, get told I'm not needed, then walk back across campus to my apartment. It's a really productive way for me to spend my time. And I had to do 12 hours of "volunteer work" for them before I could even start getting paid. To do the exact same stuff I had been doing for free.

But I digress. I don't want this post to be an angry rant about my school's admissions office.

I don't know, I just feel somewhat out of sorts, and I don't know what to do to fix it. Sometimes I'm so tired of all the stuff I do that I want to sleep for a week, and sometimes I want to do everything. I guess that's just life.

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Alex said...

I wanted to get a gig with the campus voter turnout something-or-other group, $60 for 5 hours, but it's the week I have my every-other-Tuesday evening class... buh. I just want easy money. And I want it NOW. (Veruca, sweetheart...)