Tuesday, September 21

Day 12: Someone who's caused you a lot of pain

I'm not writing a letter to someone who's caused me a lot of pain and here's why:

Pain is NOT something I want to dwell on. I spend a lot of time worrying about useless stuff, and I don't want to worry about more stuff on here. Moreover, there is no one in my life right now that has caused me enough pain that I'm constantly thinking about it. No one that haunts my dreams so that writing a letter to them and posting it on the internet would alleviate my pain.

And if there were, I wouldn't be telling you guys about it.

I really enjoy sharing my life/thoughts with you guys, but I don't feel that this blog is an appropriate place to air my grievances to the world. I mean, if I shared some sob story with you I'm sure you'd be sympathetic while reading it, but then what? Am I going to change your life by griping about mine?

And that's not to say that writing a letter to someone who's wronged you isn't a great, cathartic way to ease your pain. I'm just saying that A) I don't have anyone to write that letter to and B) It's something I would keep to myself, not wave about for everyone to read.

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Ali said...

Oh oh, this is such a good post, and I definitely agree. What is in the past should stay there. :)