Thursday, September 16

Day 6: A Stranger, Plus! A Bonus Letter!

Whoops, I definitely forgot to do this yesterday!

Dear Other Lauren in my Am Lit Class,

On principle, I hate other people named Lauren. People are always talking to you, but I think it's me so I look anyway. And then look back down to whatever I was doing because obviously you weren't talking to me, why would you be talking to me?

But I love you.

Two reasons. First, I'm top Lauren in that class, the class of three Laurens. Not to brag or anything but... My professor loves me. Everyone loves me. I'm on top of the world!

And second, you're a freshman! How cool is that? It's rad that you're a freshman in a upper-level English class.

Lauren Power! Laurens Unite!


ALSO! Not part of the letter, BUT! I'm officially a tour guide here at school! I'm on the schedule for Tuesday mornings as an alternate, which means I may do a tour, but I may not. And I have a couple Saturdays that I'm definitely giving a tour.

And since I'm on a roll, I guess I'll also write the letter I was supposed to write for today. Day 7: Your Ex

Dear Matt,

Now let's not get confused - this letter isn't to the Matt I'm dating now. This letter is to the one I dated for a week in Europe. But you're not getting any more explanation than that. Imma start over.

Dear Matt,

How's it going? I feel like I'm trying really hard not to make this letter awkward. I don't have any awkward memories of you! They're all super fond. You were my first kiss (in the basement of an Austrian hostel), the first guy who told me he loved me (during a game of rummy), the guy I got in trouble with for canoodling too much while I was supposed to be learning about Europe and stuff.

I often wonder how your life is going. Whether I'd recognize you if I ran into you, whether you'd recognize me. How that conversation could possibly go.

That's all for now, I suppose. I'm going to go facebook stalk you now.


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