Sunday, August 1

Vintage Black Suede Skirt Up For Grabs

Hey guys! I have this gorgeous black suede skirt that I'm trying to give away. A friend gave it to me and since even if it was in perfect condition it wouldn't fit me, I figured I'd see if anyone else wanted it. There are only two imperfections. The first is that the stitching in the back slit is coming undone slightly. This would be easy peasy to fix!

The other (larger) problem is that the zipper is broken. The zipper pull is only attached to one side of the zipper. I'm not sure if there's a way to fix this or if you'd have to put in a whole new zipper. Honestly, once I realized that even if I did fix it it'd be way too small for me, I kind of stopped trying.

Anyway, if anyone at all wants this skirt, you can have it! Just email me and I'll grab your address and send it to you. If you don't live in the U. S. I'll probably ask you to help pay for postage, but if I just have to mail within the U. S. I'll cover postage. This skirt is so beautiful I just want it to go to a good home!

Oh, and one more thing! It's marked as a size six, but to me it seems smaller than that. The waist is 26 inches and the hips are 35. And it's 18 and a half inches long.

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