Monday, August 16

New Jersey Fun Times!

Highlights of my week at the Jersey Shore:

  • Eating White Castle for my first and SECOND times! 
  • Getting Kohr's custard on the boardwalk! (My favorite flavor was the strawberry/banana twist)
  • When Matt's cousin played the beer pong game on the boardwalk and won a harmonica! 
  • GIANT pizza from Maruca's!
  • Going crabbing for three freaking hours! It was fun, but lasted soooo long!
    • When we went crabbing, Matt's poor cousin Rachel had to ride in the back with the crab traps and the dead fishes.
  • Cramming 18 people into a house that's only supposed to fit 11, tops. For a couple nights there sere seven teenagers sleeping in our room! 
  • Going kayaking on the bay!
  • Glimpsing Ronnie and Pauly D from the boardwalk while they were folding t-shirts in their store. 
  • Fried Oreos! Yummmm.....
  • Seeing what's cooking at the beach. (This one's kind of an inside joke - the first night Matt's dad told us to "go see what's cooking" and then we said it about everything, several times a day.
  • Loads and loads of fun! Hooray!


Sonya Zombiee said...

All I've ever had is frozen White Castle from the grocery store, because we don't have any actual restaurants around here!
This post makes me very hungry.
It's definitely shaping up to look like you had a great time, though! :)

P.S., You're 'currently reading' has an Alton Brown book, therefore I love you.

Lauren said...
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Lauren said...

Hahah, my mom got it from the library and it's been sitting on the coffee table in the living room, so I've been reading through it from time to time. It's actually really interesting and I'm learning a lot about how cooking works! I'm thinking about buying it!

And he has a baking one I'm dying to read! o_O

Laura said...

I've never had white castle! haha that's on my list to try it atleast once :)