Sunday, August 15


As many of you are probably aware, I saw The Arcade Fire about a week ago.

It was freaking awesome!!!!

If I was a fan of the band before, I'm absolutely in love with them now!

I saw them with my boyfriend, his sister, and a friend of ours from school. The bank Matt's dad works for has a box at the stadium for every show, so we got tickets free that were pretty close to the stage! Yay for free stuff!

But yeah, it was one of those concerts that make you remember how much you absolutely love live music and make you want to go to concerts all the time. There was the most exuberant xylophoning I've ever seen! And at one point a guy was beating on a drum so hard that bits of it were flying everywhere! Everyone was absolutely rapt!

Only one funny thing happened, and that was when they were playing Half Light II (my favorite song from their new album) the drum machine messed up or something, so they quit halfway through and moved to the next song. It took us a while to figure out what was going on because at first it just seemed like the lead guitarist put down his guitar and started laughing. And when the song stopped we were like, "uhh, what's going on?" It was really ok, though, because the whole concert was ah-may-zing! (But OF COURSE it had to happen during one of my favorite songs! Harumph!)

And I am absolutely in love with their one girl drummer/accordioniste/singer/everything! And how cute! After doing some light wikipedia-ing of the band, I've found out that she's married to the lead singer.

Gosh, I'm so smitten.

Anyway, here are some more pictures. The first one is of Spoon, who opened, but they weren't that good.

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Ali said...

Ahhhhh that sounds so awesommeee! I've never been to a concert before because I'm lame. D8