Saturday, August 14

And now I'm back! From Outer Space!

The Jersey Shore, actually.

I mean, it might as WELL have been outer space! New Jersey is weird. Did you know you can't make a left turn in New Jersey? Strange but true. And there are parking spots in the middle of the street.

But HO-Lee Crow does the internet move fast! I just turned my computer on after over a week and I have exactly 500 new posts on Bloglovin. It's going to take me an age to read everything!

So for now, here's a short post to let me know I'm alive and well. I'll be posting a bunch from my week soon, first from the Arcade Fire show (which was amazing!) and then from Joisee.

Oh, and a big hey-o to my new followers. Who knew I'd get six more followers just by going away for a week!

Hugs and Kisses,


Ashley said...

glad you're back!

Sonya Zombiee said...

Whaaat?! No left turns?! That's weird. o.O
Definitely glad you're back, though, and can't wait to hear about your week! :)

Amyschmamey said...

NO left turns??? that is weird. ha ha ha. Glad you are back in the blogging game.