Wednesday, January 5

Watch This Movie: The Secret of Kells

A friend of mine got me 2 free months of Netflix for Christmas and I am loving it! Seriously, I've watched three movies in two days. My first DVD (Once) should be coming in the mail today and I am sooooo pumped!

Last night I watched this adorable animated movie that came out in 2009 called The Secret of Kells. It's really short, only about an hour and fifteen minutes long, and I was delighted by every part of it!
It tells the story of a young boy living in the abbey at Kells while the Book of Kells is being completed. Although forbidden to travel outside the walls of the abbey, he ventures out into the forest (inhabited by terrifying wolves) and meets Aisling, a forest spirit. The two become friends and face evil spirits and scary vikings.
By far the best part about this movie is its stunning animation. It stays true to the spirit of Celtic art: everything is incredibly detailed and beautiful. If you ever get a chance, watch this movie!
(All movie stills from Google Images)

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