Saturday, January 15

Today was a sad, sad day.

The Ravens lost. :'(

Not only did they lose, but they lost to the Steelers (devil team), and they crapped themselves in the second half.

Now understand me: I am not a football fan. But when you're watching the big rivalry game, and a playoff game no less, it's impossible not to get into it. I spent the day with my boyfriend's family, watching the game and then eating KFC and wallowing in despair.

For any Ravens fans who need cheering up, here are some pictures of my cat. If you're a Steeler's fan, you can leave. Go be awful somewhere else.

Sprawled on the arm of the chair like that is his favorite place to lay. I will never understand.


Sonya Zombiee said...

I was gone all day yesterday, but I did get to hear the last 20 minutes of the game on the ride home in the car.
I cried tears of shame and disappointment. D:
But the cat pictures do help cheer me up. :)

Hi! said...

I just recenently found your blog and I have to say
Your cat's a babe!