Wednesday, January 12

Personal Pan Pizzas!

This has been a tradition since my sister and I were wee little ones. We each get a cake pan and get to make our own pizzas, from smooshing out the dough for the crust to choosing the toppings and how much cheese you want.

Seriously, it's a million times more exciting than just eating normal pizza, or even eating a couple slices of a normal-sized homemade pizza. You get a whole pizza all to yourself! Thick crust, thin crust, however you want it!

Tonight I did green peppers, pepperoni and ham. I love all of these toppings individually, but I'm not sure how big a fan of them I was all together.

And my sister's onion/olive/mushroom/pepper monstrosity:

She skimped on the cheese, in my opinion, but then she's lactose intolerant, so you can't really blame her.

This is how she opted to eat her pizza:

So there you have it! For dinner today I ate a whole pizza! (But it was only a foot across...)

PS. My sister is one of those people pretentious enough to wear fake eyeglasses. Feel free to mock her.


Annebeth said...

haha I love this post, I totally want a pizza pan too! when you go to a "real" italian pizzeria over here you also get to eat a whole pizza, and they are quite big but very thin so you don't overeat. And I always overeat when it comes to italian food, so it's good they are thin.

I LOVE M and The Bicycle Thief! great picks! :D

Laurelann said...

The photo of your sister's pizza eating habit is simply brilliant. I love it.

Sonya Zombiee said...

Why haven't I thought of this?! It'll make my whole "make a pizza before going to school" plan a whole lot easier, I think!

And my mom wears fake glasses sometimes, too. Silly, silly ladies, we have. :D