Friday, December 17

Winter Break

Whelp, I'm home. I am sitting on my bed after unceremoniously dumping everything I brought home with me somewhere on my bedroom floor, feeling depressed about the sheer amount of stuff I own.

So I decided:

The theme of my winter break is Simplify and Focus. Clean, clean, clean and get rid of stuff that doesn't belong in my life. Organize, consolidate. Take what I feel others could use and attempt to sell it on ebay. I am feeling quite short of cash this holiday season. I listed my textbooks on, though, so hopefully they'll sell soonish and I'll get some cashflow.

  1. This week is Christmas week. I've got to get knitting and sewing if my planned gifts are going to get done by Christmas. Thankfully, I only have a couple more presents I have to buy. Everything else is either already here or will be handmade.
  2. Movies: My winter break is roughly 5 weeks long. 5 weeks until I go back to school for the spring semester. I'm shooting for watching 10 movies from the imdb top 250 list. I think I can handle two movies a week. The catch: 4 of them have to be made pre-1950. I tend to skirt around older movies when I'm picking ones to watch, so if I'm going to get everything watched I need to make myself see earlier movies. I don't want to be left with fifty movies from the 40's and earlier as the last movies I have to watch.
  3. Reading: Anna Karenina. That's the only book I'm making it a goal to read. I figure it's so long I'm not going to have time to read it once the semester comes around. Hopefully I'll get through some more books than just the one, though.
  4. Clean and organize. See above paragraph/mission statement.
  5. Make 20 items for my etsy shop. 4 a week, can I do it? We'll see...
  6. Finally, start and attempt to maintain some sort of exercise routine. Even if it's only using the elliptical two days a week. I need to make it a habit to stay in shape. I will: elliptical, run (maybe? it's really cold!), yoga. meditate.
Okay, I have six distinct things to focus my life on. In a week from now it'll only be five things.

Here's to a relaxing, yet organized, winter break.

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