Monday, September 27

Recent Food-Makings

Guys! Guys guys guys! I just made dinner! It doesn't look that great, but it was delicious!

I made pizza chicken (or that's what my family calls it at least), which is like spaghetti with chicken and pepperonis. Noms.
Yummers! And much less exciting, here's what I had for dinner yesterday. Taquitos and chips and salsa. It's not really interesting enough to warrant mention, although I did have a situation when I had to execute Operation Rescue Lost Chip!

PS. The book accompanying today's dinner is The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood. Yesterday's was Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K Dick.
AND! Since I went apple picking last weekend, I've had a ton of apples to use up. Saturday I made baked apples, but (because I'm an idiot) I only remembered to take a before picture. So here are some apples covered in brown sugar and cinnamon and stuff. I also made scones but (you guessed it!) forgot to take pictures.
And last but not least, some pictures of my kitchen. Because I felt like it. I'll see about taking more of the apartment in the next week or so, but I really need to clean first.
We're probably the only college students with a tea kettle. Yeah, we're just that cool.


Amyschmamey said...

Sometimes the best food is the food that doesn't LOOK amazing. I would try pizza chicken. :) Sounds yummy. :) The baked apples sound yummy too.

Miss Wendy said...

Those baked apples look delicious even before they're done, so I can only imagine how nomtastic they turned out to be.