Monday, September 13

Day 4: Your Sibling

Notes on today's letter:
1. For those of you who don't know (aka everyone in the entire world) my sister and I once made up a language in which every word was cheese. It relied heavily on intonation and wild gesturing.
2. Our mother once made a your mom joke in which she insulted herself. She says she did it on purpose but I'm not quite sure.
3. The OO! It's watching you! It's too hard to explain, so I'll leave it at that.

Dear Kristin,

I am not that short! Five feet, four and a half inches tall is a perfectly respectable height for a lady. It's not my fault you're a giant. You're like the BFG, except you're not friendly. You're the BAG: Big Angry Giant!

Cheese cheese cheese cheese, cheese cheese! Cheese cheese cheese cheese? Cheese! OO

Your mom's hairy and gross!


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Miss Wendy said...

This cheese language sounds awesome, I hella love cheese. Also my mom makes your mom jokes all the time to me, and I think it's hilarious. She realizes she's dissing herself, but she's cool with it.

I gave you a sunshine award, check it out on my blog :)