Wednesday, August 4

Yesterday At The Park

Yesterday I went to a park with my mom and sister. We hiked for a bit, then sat on a bench and watched the lake. At one point we hiked to a nature center-type place with a bunch of birds. Sadly, I couldn't take any pictures because my camera focused on the cage instead of the birds, but I swear one of the vultures was giving me the stink eye!

We took the Indian Trail at the fork and then shouted "Injun!" every so often. Well, my mom and I did. I don't think Kristin knew what we were talking about.

PS. Aren't those the most beautiful mushrooms you've ever seen?

Also PS. Super Duper Thanks! to Amyschmamey for featuring me on her blog today! And I'm the first one in the list! (However, I'm pretty sure this is because it's in alphabetical order...)

So if you've come here from her blog, welcome! If not, go check it out! Dooooo itttt.


Ali said...

Those are mushrooms? I thought they were flowers! They are super pretty. Sounds like you had fun. :)

Amyschmamey said...

You are so welcome! And yes, they were in alphabetical order, BUT, being first STILL is awesome! And I absolutely adore your blog so I am glad you were first.

Kaytee said...

I am not sure if you have heard about it, but Geocaching is something you should totally look into if you like taking small hikes! It is super fun and super addicting. :) Just thought I would throw that out there! :P

Kaytee said...

P.S. I started following you! :D