Wednesday, August 18

All Aboard the Failboat!

So, my first go at getting my driver's license was a fail. What's most frustrating is that I did the parallel parking and the backing into the parking space fine, but I just got too many points off for little stuff. Like, I was apparently "driving with my thumbs!" What does that even mean?

And I was stressed to begin with because she kept asking me where my heater was and I didn't get that you just had to turn up the temperature. I spent a good minute and a half looking for a heater button.

Le sigh. I will just have to reschedule and try again.

My day is getting better, though. After my test I went to the post office to mail some stuff (including my second-ever etsy order!) and it only cost me 13ish dollars to ship four packages, including one to England!

Aaaand... I'm going to go see Scott Pilgrim tomorrow with one of my friends! I'm so excited!

And then on Friday I move back into school! Classes don't start until a week from Monday, but I'm helping out with Freshman orientation, so I have to get there early for training and stuff. One of my friends I'm living with is an RA, so she's there already, and she says our apartment is really nice!

And now I've gone from upset and frustrated to feeling awesome and excited about the next couple days. Oh, internets, what would I do without you?


Sonya Zombiee said...

Aww. At least you have a better idea of how it'll be done next time, now!

I'm glad you're still in a good mood, though. :)

Gwen said...

I dont have a drivers license either and im 22!
But I have NEVER heard of getting points taken off for not finding the heater button...I didnt even know they ASKED that when I went they didnt..and I failed because I couldnt parallel park haha

We'll get them soon!

Lauren said...

This lady was CRAZY. She made me move the seat, roll the windows up and down, do the defroster. And I had to do my turn signals three times.

And ARGH! I've been trying to call to reschedule my test, but it keeps being busy. How is an automated message busy? I've called like 20 times in the past two hours!

Ali said...

Wow, that's sorta crazy. D: really crazy. All I had to do was drive straight and turn. I didn't have to do anything fancy but a three point turn.

Grace said...

I almost failed my drivers test too :( I had like 10 out of 11 points or something like that. I had to do parallel parking like 10 times because I kept messing up and people were standing around watching... I makes a good story though! :)