Saturday, June 12


I've been involved in a swap on Craftster recently called Birds Birds Birds! I absolutely adore birdies of all kinds, so it was perfect for me! :D

I know next to nothing about my swap partner, other than the fact that she likes red and aqua and she has a baby girl with a bird-themed nursery. So, now that the swap is all wrapped up, I'll share everything!

I made a stuffed owl and a baby hat. The hat (sunhat! perfect for summer!) is made out of cute orange birdie fabric, so I sent some of that scrap fabric along with the package.

I'm very happy with the way everything turned out. I tried to make the owl baby-friendly by not using buttons or anything for eyes. There's nothing the baby could chew off and choke on! The hat was from a pattern from Sweet Booties by Valerie Van Arsdale Shrader. I expected the brim to be wider, but eh, I think it's pretty good for not really knowing what I was doing.

From her, I got a stenciled t-shirt and a tissue cozy. I am definitely going to use the crap out of that tissue cozy! I've really been wanting one for a good while now. And it couldn't have come at a better time, since I'm currently in the throes of a vicious cold. (I woke myself up this morning at 6 with a coughing fit. No es bueno.) The only thing is that I might stitch a little bit on the sides of the openings so it doesn't gape open so much.

And the stencil on the shirt is an owl wearing headphones! How precious! I'm absolutely in love with it! Perhaps I'll wear it today to Matt's sister's graduation party. I was going to wear a dress but it's supposed to storm later so we'll see.

But I digress. The swap:

Oh, and I almost forgot the most exciting part! Apparently there's a mysterious extra gift that was late in arriving, so she'll send it along when she gets it. What could it beeeee?? I'm so excited! :D

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