Monday, June 28

Ozzie the Octopus

Is there anything about this that isn't amazing? An octopus in your bathtub that makes the water come out of his tentacles instead of the boring ol' spout! And as if this wasn't enough, you can make it color your bath water! Although taking a bath in colored water might be unsettling, come to think of it. I wonder if you could make it spit out bubble bath...

So I ran some errands today, first to the library and then to Walmart (where I fell in love with ozzie the octopus). I came home without it, though, but I did get NINE WHOLE BOOKS at the library! I hardly know what to do with myself. Four of them are graphic novels, though, which won't take me long to read. I've just finished The Color Purple (which was terrific) and I think I'm going to start the short of the graphic novels now - Unlikely by Jeffrey Brown. I should sew something, but I just can't drag myself away from my books!


Jillie the Great said...

1. Watchmen and Lolita are both AMAZING. David Sedaris is usually hilarious, but I've never read that one.


Lauren said...

I've been meaning to read Lolita for sooooooo long, I just never get around to it, so I'm very excited! And I LOVE David Sedaris! I've read three of his books, and I'm sure Holidays on Ice will be equally awesome!

And no... unfortunately I didn't. If you're looking for it, I found it at walmart amongst all the crayola markers and crayons and stuff.

Jillie the Great said...

YES. Lolita is amazing. My mom was like "ugh, that's revolting," but I thought it was beautiful. Not only does Nabokov have an AMAZING writing style, the story isn't what you'd think of immediately, just some crazy horny pedophile dude. Oh no, oh no. And Jeremy Irons plays Humbert Humbert in the movie?! Rawr.

Mmmm, I think I might definitely need that. Pahaha. I want different colored shower water! I already have a Crayola bath poof that changes from pink to yellow when you put it in hot water. It's waaaay too exciting. :b