Friday, June 4


Here's a teaser for the delightful little monster I made yesterday. Like I said, his eyes are made out of pompoms, which was a stroke of genius on my part, in my humble opinion. The whole process was quite an adventure; I cut a general shape out of the back of an old t-shirt and went from there. He reminds me of a plaque monster hidden between your teeth. (But in a good way - he's misunderstood, just looking for love, it's not his fault you don't floss...)

Today and yesterday have been so very productive. Literally. Yesterday I made a plushie, and today I made recycled paper, which is one of my absolute favorite things to do. There's also freshly baked honey wheat bread in the house, though my mother is to thank for that, not I.

Oh, and another thing! The most exciting thing of all! Last night I babysat the two coolest kids. They're daughters of one of my professors - 9 and 10 years old. While the younger one was reading her comic books, the older (named Flannery!) picked out a movie to watch.

You will never guess what movie she picked.

Go ahead and guess.

Oh, I'll just tell you. This kid, who's in fifth grade, picks out Casablanca! And then when it first starts Peter Lorre reminds her of another movie, so we end up watching some movie from the 40s called The Mask of Dimitrios. The conversation centered around how "they just don't make movies as good these days" and "what's wrong with black and white?"

She is my hero.

I watched Julie and Julia over lunch today - will probably blog about it later.

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