Tuesday, June 8

The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread?

Green Day Rockband?

Could it be?

It is!

While I could really care less, my sister is positively geeking out. She's already expressed all of her disappointments ("It's not accurate to playing the song on a real guitar!" and "They're not animated enough! They don't just stand there - they jump around the stage!"),  but I can tell, she is the most excited she's been in weeks. I'm somewhat afraid for the day in August she's going to see them in concert - I'll have to make sure I'm not at home when she gets back; I don't think I can withstand the hurricane forces of her obsession.

Aren't I attractive? Anyway, the Boyfriend and I went to see Get Him To The Greek today, instead of last night, as was previously planned. And let me tell you, it. was. hilarious. Russell Brand plays the same rockstar as in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, with rip-roaring success!

My outfit today is nothing particularly thrilling. I love, love, LOVE these jean shorts, but unfortunately I've loved them too much, as they're no longer the nice dark wash they used to be. I'll pick up some RIT dye sometime this week and redye them. My favorite part of today's outfit is the earrings. They're made out of Mike's Hard Lemonade bottlecaps, and I got them for $1 from my school's art club.

Also, I took these pictures AFTER I went out-and-about for the day, so my hair is a bit disheveled. I apologize.

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Alex said...

You are quite possibly the cutest ever. The disheveled hair, I think, completes the look.