Friday, May 21

The Beginning of Something Extraordinary

Well. I suppose this writing of posts will become more fluid over time. At the moment, I feel that I must, in a few short sentences, sum up the essence of what I am and what I intend this blog to be. I barely know where to begin.

Who am I? At the moment I'm a girl sitting on the floor of her bedroom listening to her sister play Let it Be on her keyboard in another room and trying to think of something compelling to write. I just finished my sophomore year at McDaniel College, where I'm an English major with Education and German minors. I just set up my (hopefully) budding Etsy, but have no items yet to fill its electronic shelves.

I must admit: my main impetus for starting this blog is selfish. I want people (strangers, even!) to listen to my silly ramblings. And who can blame me? I'm a narcissistic teenager who has her whole life ahead of her. My world revolves around me.

A second confession: I'm terrible at journals. I've never managed to keep one longer than a few weeks. (Excepting, of course, the year I was in fourth grade and kept a dutiful chronicle of my crush, a charming boy who wore his boy scout uniform in his yearbook picture. I was smitten.) So for all I know I'll post ferociously for a few weeks, only to find my enthusiasm petering out before I say anything noteworthy.

Ah, well. Who knows?

Until next time,

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Alex said...

Most of my journal entries in the past have looked exactly like this one: me writing about how bad I am at keeping journals. Maybe, now that we both have one of these silly blog-things, we will encourage one another to update more often... pahaha, high hopes. xo